June 01, 2009

Red Carpet Rewind: 2009 MTV Movie Awards

Clothes don't make the man

Finally, here’s the Man of the MTV Movie Awards, Robert Pattinson. Why waste time talking about his uber-cool purple jacket when all we really care about is his tousled hair, chiseled cheeks, sexy eyes and delish lips, right girls?

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ugh. Ok, honestly, I'm really shocked that Kristen won best actress at the MTV Movie Awards. There were much better actresses that should have won instead. I didn't think she did well in the movie at all! I was very disappointed with her performance. She doesn't look the way I had perceived Bella, and she most certainly doesn't act like Bella. She was a lot more stand-offish, vocal, independent, and NOT shy than Bella is. Bella's heart always flutters when Edward touches her, or even gets close to her, but Kristen didn't portray that at all.

Anonymous said...

It shocked me when kristen didn't kiss him If that was me would of did it for evey one!

twilight fan said...

Awesome pictures of Rob. Thanks so much

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