February 19, 2009

Ben Barnes won't play Aro in New Moon

According to the Seven Secrets of New Moon revelead by OK! Magazine, looks like Ben Barnes won't be playing Aro in New Moon.

Despite speculation that British actor Ben Barnes, last seen as Prince Caspian in the Narnia movies, would play Aro, the sinister leader of the vampire world, his L.A.-based agent, Nick Reed, sets the record straight: "Although Ben has enjoyed much of the speculation, we haven't had any calls. There's no truth to it."

Looks like AnnaLynne really got the part as Heidi and Brandon Michael Vayda will be playing Jared in New Moon.

AnnaLynne McCord will sink her teeth into the role of Heidi. Gal pal to Emmett Cullen, aka Kellan Lutz, she says, "I'm so obsessed with vampires!" 90210 actor Brandon Michael Vayda will play Jared the werewolf.

Source: OK! Magazine


Anonymous said...

Good for Ben, he's way too good an actor for crap like Twilight.

Anonymous said...

It is so sad that Ben Barnes wont be in the New Moon movie. He will be disturbingly handsome as a Vampire. The producers should have reconsider in casting him.
Even the role of Bella... it should be played by Camila Belle. Very perfect for the role and a good pair for Robert Pattinson.

Anonymous said...

Ben Barnes is handsome for that role but aye, hes waaay too handsome for New Moon. It seems Kirsten Stuart is less popular now than she was back in Twilight. Nor was she ever.

Anonymous said...

a mi me uviera encantado que Ben Barnes estuviera en luna nueva es tan guapo espero que si le den un papel en la siguiente pèlicula me parece que se va a llamar eclipce y la verdad serian tan idiotas los productores si no lo hacen ya que el es muy famoso desde antes que todos esos de la pelicula

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