February 24, 2009

Rob Pattinson looking forward to break up with Kristen Stewart

When MTV caught up with Rob Pattinson at the red carpet for the 81st Annual Academy Awards last Sunday (February 22), he was asked by MTV what scene he's looking forward to filming. He told MTV, “The scene where we [Edward and Bella] temporarily break up. On one hand, it’s completely impossible. And on the other, it sets a very different tone to the series. I think it will be good.”
Rob also also told MTV that said he couldn't wait to get on to the "New Moon" set and start making some new love scenes of his own.

“I think there’s going to be some continuity. But it’s weird, because they are shooting it in a different city [than the first film]. I’ve talked to [Chris Weitz, director] a bit, but we’ve only talked about my character; I haven’t really talked about the whole look of it. But Chris is great with visual stuff, so it should be pretty impressive.” Click here to read more

Source: MTV.com


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