March 03, 2009

The Best 'Twilight' Cast Performances You Haven't Seen

5. Kristen Stewart in "The Cake Eaters"
In this sweet, tiny little film, KStew steals the show as Georgia Kaminski, a terminally ill teen hoping to find love while grappling with the nerve-system-attacking disease Friedreich's ataxia. The potential pitfalls are obvious, as Stewart slurs her speech, limps around and depends on others to help her maneuver. But the talented actress sheds light on the affliction, giving a performance that is tender, sweet and — most disarmingly — sexy.

Where to See It: The movie opens in limited release March 13.

3. Robert Pattinson in "How to Be"
In the months since RPattz's career explosion, this tiny independent film has become a phenomenon. Filmed in early 2007, the flick stars Rob as a young musician seeking wisdom from a self-help guru — and "Twilight" fans have been traveling hundreds of miles for its current cinema tour. "Cinequest we just did; it went really well," producer Justin Kelly said of a recent date at a San Jose film festival. "It's insane; people fly across three states to see it. It's fantastic."
Where to See It: The Independent Film Channel's Festival Direct service will make the film available April 29 on cable providers Bright House, Cablevision, Charter, Comcast, Cox, Insight and Time Warner. "We're supporting IFC's release with the cinema tour," Kelly explained.

Source: MTV


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