June 01, 2009

Rob and Kristen's Hot Hook Up

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X17 photographers were the ONLY ones to catch Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson after a steamy night together, post-MTV Movie Awards!

The Twilight co-stars are DEFINITELY off-screen sweethearts as well, as these exclusive pictures confirm. After the awards show, Rob and Kristen headed to Cecconi's for a bite to eat, and the duo left the trendy eatery around 11pm, and they were followed by a police escort to The Charlie Hotel in West Hollywood (Charlie Chaplin's old house). The lovebirds booked themselves a private chateau, and we didn't see them again until noon, when they emerged from their bungalow, looking like they'd both just rolled out of bed!

Our X17 photographer on the scene tells us exclusively:

"Rob was preoccupied with getting all of his stuff in the car and Kristen was hiding behind her sunglasses, looking a little tired, but waiting to say goodbye. Right before Rob got in the SUV, the couple stood together behind the car door and I'm pretty sure there was a brief kiss!"
Rob was whisked away to LAX in a dark SUV, and Kristen retreated to the bungalow, presumably to catch up on sleep.

Rob and Kristen def seem to be teasing their fans with this are-they-or-aren't-they relationship, but X17online can announce to Twilight fanpires - this relationship is for real!

Source: X17 Online


Anonymous said...

I honestly can't believe that this has been posted as an update.
I'm not saying that Kristen and Rob wouldn't be cute together, but at the same time, what kind of proof is this? This seems like a lot of B.S. to me. You can't even see them because of the glare on the window in every picture.
Them staying overnight together means nothing. It doesn't mean they were intimate or doing anything wrong. They're adults and allowed to do what they want. Just because they're a girl and guy staying together doesn't mean they're "hooking-up" & Kristen ALWAYS looks tired. That's just her normal facial reaction. Besides, she could've been up all night just hanging out with him. That doesn't mean anything happened.

I'm honestly ticked off that this was posted. It's almost as bad as reading a tabloid and believing it. I'm not saying that it isn't possible, but until they come straight forward, and we get it from their own mouths, I'm not believing any of this bull.

For all we know, Mike A. could've had something else to do that night? Maybe something happened that made it so he couldn't go to the Awards. People should stop jumping to conclusions & think for once. We've all been in a situation where it isn't what it looks like. Plus, everyone should know by now that the Papps always dramatize everything to the max.

Anonymous said...

What???? On the magazine it was on there was a picture of a blond women sitting by Robert!!!!!
But anyways if Kristen and him are together then....that's AWESOME!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I am hopeful that Kristen and Rob get together. They make a wonderful couple. I love them having a close relationship.

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