November 17, 2009

Dishy Rob Pattinson: Kristen Stewart Cooks a "Mean Spam"

We've got tons of dish for you from the entire New Moon cast and premiere, but let's get to the really good stuff first—Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

The two didn't snap pics together on the carpet, and no one could ask the two stars for any personal bites on each other. But we were able to squeeze some cuteness out of Rob.

Producer Bill Bannerman, by the by, told us Kristen was the Julia Child of the cast. So does Rob like her home cookin', too? And how did the two spend their day off in Madrid?

We've got all this, plus piles o' dish from the afterparty, so you'll def want to read on:

How did you spend your day off in Madrid?
Robert Pattinson: I did nothing! I missed all day. Seriously, I slept the entire day. I finally woke up and it was 7!

People are telling us Kristen is quite the chef. Do you agree, or can you claim that title?
R.P.: [Pauses to think, then laughs.] She is a pretty good cook! She cooks a mean spam.

Presh! We grabbed Kristen really fast on her way down the carpet to see how she spent her day off in Spain. Ya know, to compare notes.

"It was really nice," K.Stew said, a little flustered after spending half her time greeting fans on the carpet. "I just totally enjoyed it."

Let's hope they enjoyed it together! From what we're hearing inside the New Moon afterparty, Rob and Kristen weren't exactly able to get any alone time.

"Rob, Kristen, and Taylor were some of the first to arrive," our party spy tells us. "Rob's table was in the front and Kristen and Taylor had separate tables more in the back."

We hear Kristen hung up front at R.Pattz's table for a bit during the beginning of the party, but once things got going she went back to her own.

"Everyone at the party wanted to be at Rob's table," our insider dishes. "Dakota [Fanning] and Emilie [de Ravin] kept going over to chat with him throughout the party."

Emilie starred with R.Pattz in Remember Me, but don't get any ideas here. It wasn't too flirtatious (trust, we've seen both Kristen and Emilie in person and K.Stew is way hotter, folks).

We're also told that Dakota was really sweet to everyone inside, taking pictures and walking around to chat with fans. Kellan Lutz also was a fan favorite, even taking two in with him to the premiere! So how was he rewarded? By getting denied entry to the afterparty! Seriously, security was so tight they didn't know who Lutz was at first.

Don't worry, Kel fans, he finally got in and didn't throw a fit at all. "He was in a really good mood and just hung out with his friends the whole time," our source says.

As for Kristen? We're told she was just "exhausted."

K. changed out of her gorge Oscar de la Renta gown as soon as she got in the theater. We hear Kristen's manager kept telling her to keep it on and Stewart was not having it. She said she took the pics, so now she could change and be comfy! Love this girl or what?

And K.Stew wasn't the only tired one. We hear most of the main talent cleared out of the party around midnight, with Rob and Kristen being some of the first to leave. While they didn't leave together in the same car or anything, who knows where the two ended up.

Let's just hope they went straight to bed—their big press week isn't over yet! Not at all, babes.

Source: E! Online


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