November 17, 2009

'New Moon' Stars Think Sequel Will Top 'Twilight' At The Box Office

According to MTV, the stars of New Moon are predicting that the second installed to the blockbuster franchise will make more money than the first film. Read below...

LOS ANGELES — Once upon a time, a little film called "Twilight" was scheduled to come out within a few weeks of a "Harry Potter" movie, and Hollywood prognosticators found it absurd to suggest that the vampire series posed any sort of box-office threat. Months after that, buzz on the red carpet at the "Twilight" premiere was that the film could open with a weekend between $40 or $50 million — it ended up with $69.6 million.

Now, it's a year later and "New Moon" has become the biggest advance-ticket seller in Fandango history. So, we took the obvious question to the film's stars at Monday's (November 16) red-carpet premiere: How big will this weekend's "New Moon" opening be?

"We have a bet about that," revealed Chaske Spencer, who plays wolf pack member Sam Uley in the sequel, divulging that the shirtless stars have a friendly wager going on. "There's a guy — a member of the wolf pack, I can't tell you who — but we have a bet, and the loser buys dinner. I think it's going to gross triple [what the first film made]. And I think somebody's going to be buying me some dinner."

Source: MTV


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