November 23, 2009

"New Moon" Worldwide gross is off by 16 Million

Summit Entertainment underestimated the film's worldwide ticket sales by $16.1 million according to LA Times. The latest opening-weekend total is $274.9 million worlwide and some countries have not put in their total sales yet.

Its new opening weekend overseas total, $132.1 million, is $14 million, or 12%, higher than its estimate Sunday morning of $118.1 million. Combined with the newly updated domestic total of $142.8 million, which is $2.1 million higher than Summit's Sunday morning estimate, it turns out that "New Moon" opened to $274.9 million, the sixth-highest worldwide debut of all time.

Foreign countries where the movie opened big include Australia, Brazil, Britain, France, Italy, Mexico, Russia and Spain.

It's not unusual for movies to end up with different weekend grosses than the ones reported by studios Sunday mornings. It is rare, however, for Sunday estimates to be as low as Summit's was for "New Moon."

That's partly because nobody was able to estimate just how huge the "Twilight" sequel would be. Before the weekend, experienced executives looking at pre-release polling data expected it to gross between $90 million and $100 million domestically. Even on Friday night, after the movie's record-breaking Friday ticket sales, competing studios were projecting that "New Moon" would collect about $125 million domestically through Sunday.

Source: LA Times


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