November 15, 2009

Twilight Premiere Points to 2012 ... The End of the World!

Creatures of the "Twilight" continue to assemble in Westwood as they prepare for Monday's premiere of "New Moon," and a chance to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars.

Some fans are here from as far away as Australia while others live just around the corner but all want to be part of this vampire mania.

Who is the first person in line? Alison Genet. She runs a Twilight fan community Web site,, and she drove to Westwood from Gilbert, Ariz. Oh yeah, she arrived here Thursday morning!

"I couldn't get here fast enough," Genet told the Los Angeles Times.

By Sunday morning, hundreds were camped out for the premiere, and the Times reported that these fans are well-prepared:

There are cots with blankets of Edward Cullen, the franchise's dreamboat vampire. Posters with heartfelt dedications like "Suck my blood, Edward" and "RPattz doesn't bowl strikes, he knocks 1 pin down & the other 9 faint." "Twilight" umbrellas provide shade. The latest issue of Vanity Fair, featuring cover boy Robert Pattinson, are in ample supply. And cardboard cut-outs of Edward and Jacob — for fans to take pictures with — stood at the front of the line.

The movie, based Stephanie Meyer's series of "Twilight" novels, stars 23-year-old Robert Pattinson as heartthrob vampire Edward Cullen; Kristin Stewart as Bella Swan, his forbidden love; and Taylor Lautner as werewolf Jacob Black.

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Source: NBC Los Angeles


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