December 05, 2009

Ashley Greene: ‘Robert Pattinson is Sexier Than Taylor Lautner’

Looks like Ashley Greene is definitely on Team Edward. In a recent interview, she said that she finds Rob Pattinson sexier than Taylor Lautner.

“It’s funny though — once you get to know them, you don’t think of them in that way,” Greene said. “And Taylor’s only 17! I’m like, ‘Are you joking dude? 17-year-olds do not have bodies like that!’

“I see him more as my little brother than a love interest. With Rob I can definitely see the appeal. He’s very talented and I think talent makes a guy sexy.

“We all kind of flirt with each other. We share this intense bond. But Jackson Rathbone and I immediately got along.

“He was teaching me how to do this stupid dance on the first day I met him! He’s adorable.”

Source: ShowbizSpy


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