December 03, 2009

Harry Potter stars: Robert Pattinson was ‘very out there’

We might first remember him as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. But even back then, Rob Pattinson has something in him that you will always remember. His co-stars from the Harry Potter set agree that he's very cool to work wth.

TWILIGHT Saga: New Moon star Robert Pattinson’s Harry Potter co-stars Matthew Lewis and Bonnie Wright, who play Neville Longbottom and Ginny Weasley, say he was “very out there” but “cool” to work with.

Robert Pattinson, who starred in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with Bonnie Wright and Matthew Lewis, was “very funny” on set and kept the cast laughing.

Matthew Lewis, who plays Neville Longbottom, said: “He’s doing incredibly, I haven’t spoken to Rob in about three years but I remember when he was on the film and he was a great guy to be around, he was very funny and he was very out there but he was cool. I think he’s still got my Guns ‘n’ Roses CD… if he’s watching this, I want it back.”

And Robert's fellow co-star Bonnie Wright, who plays Ginny Weasley, says the Twilight Saga: New Moon star has been left “speechless” by his fame.

When asked if she wishes she had asked him out before he was a global superstar, she told 3am: “Yeah maybe I should have foreseen where he would go and cling on!

“No, I think when we were all in that fourth film we were pretty young still. I think for him it’s been pretty sudden and amazing and he’s still quite speechless about it.”

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe recently said he thought Robert is "coping well" with his new-found fame.

He said: "I haven't spoken to Robert since we saw each other at the opening of a gallery three years ago.

“I wouldn't have any advice, he seems to be coping well…We've been sort of exchanging advice through journalists, bizarrely.”

Source: OK! Magazine


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