December 12, 2009

New Interviews from France

1. Do think Edward is too prudish with Bella?
2. Do you think that a love story like Edward and Bella's is possible in reality?
3. What do you have in common with your character?
4. How does it feel to be part of the success of Twilight Saga?
5. Which other character would you like to play?
6. Are you afraid of being only know as Edward?
7. What's the most original/eccentric thing you've ever received from a fan?
8. Have you ever met very passionate fans?

5 ways to dump a girl with class according to Rob

Quiz: vampire or werewolf?

1. How many times do you shave a week?
2. How many times do you look at yourself in a mirror a day?
3. Do you burn or tan under the sun?
4. Do you like to sing under the moon?
5. Water or red wine with your meat?

Source: PattinsonLife


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