December 13, 2009

Robert Pattinson TodaTeen Interview

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We are stub­born and possessive

It was in a hotel in Paris, dur­ing New Moon pro­mo­tion, that Rob gave us this inter­view. Shy and always ready to crack a joke (but still being pro­fes­sional), the star doesn’t give the impres­sion that let fame go to his head. But some­thing changed: the actor that plays the vam­pire that makes every girl fell in love with in two sec­onds needs an agent con­trol­ling every­thing he says in inter­views. But he still talked to Toda­Teen about rumors, film­ing, future projects and more.

It’s insane out­side the hotel…

Really? For some rea­son France always seems to respond to the movie ear­lier. I was sur­prised when I came here. But it’s always nice, it’s crazy. I remem­ber the first time I stayed in this hotel, every­one that worked here would say “that never hap­pened before” about the crowd stand­ing out­side. It’s def­i­nitely an honor.

You also filmed some scenes in Italy. Was it crazy like that there?

It was nice, “warmer” that Van­cou­ver. It was like shoot­ing a dif­fer­ent movie. There were about 2000 extras and most of them were fans. They weren’t even being payed, just wanted to be part of the movie. There was a lot of expec­ta­tion, espe­cially when impor­tant scenes were filmed. Those days were fun.

How was it for you to work with Chris Weitz after work­ing with Cather­ine?

Chris is a very nice guy. I like him a lot, since the day we met. He came on the set say­ing “I really liked the first movie, I like the cast. You guys under­stand the char­ac­ters more than I do. And that’s how I want to work”. It was nice of him to say that. He was mak­ing a sequel so he didn’t want it to be any dif­fer­ent from the first movie. Chris has this energy which is totally dif­fer­ent from Catherine’s. She is wilder and she has this very unique way to see things. Like, the idea of falling in love with some­one… it hap­pens that way, just like that. And Chris is more ratio­nal. He under­stands love in dif­fer­ent lev­els. Like, with love comes fear and doubt. And some­times you can’t con­trol your fear. And this thought was per­fect for the movie he was directing.

It’s some­thing more mature, right?

Exactly! I think every­thing is more com­plex. I think that first love is some­thing totally inex­plic­a­ble, so that’s why it was good when Catharine noticed that. You don’t have to ana­lyze, it just happens.

You’re not as much in this movie as you were in the first one. Did it make your sched­ule a lit­tle less busy?

(laughs) It’s true. I wanted to change a lot of things in my act­ing. It was nice not to have that much pres­sure on me because I could change things I wanted to change when I was acting.

Like what?

Like the character’s appear­ance and a lot of lit­tle things regard­ing my act­ing. No one is pres­sur­ing me telling me to do this or that, and they tell me things like “you don’t have to do every­thing like you did in the first movie. It just have to be suc­cess­ful and not change much”. That’s why I had more fun film­ing New Moon.

You talked about your act­ing. How did you grow as an actor?

One of the things I never under­stood in Twi­light was why I was still in school. When you are 108 years old, you would prob­a­bly be doing any­thing, except high school. That fact made me con­fused when I was act­ing. But once you finally pull that off… And even in the first scenes when he’s still in school it’s because he wanted to be near Bella. It’s an obvi­ous rea­son to be there: he wants to be with her. But when Edward leaves and wan­ders through the world, it’s eas­ier to me to get what he’s thinking.

How are you deal­ing with suc­cess and rumors?

(Robert’s agent stops the inter­view and says “he’s not going to answer any per­sonal ques­tion, thank you”)
I’m lucky to always be in movie sets. You stay iso­lated so those things become irrel­e­vant. If you stay busy all year, any kind of rumor won’t last long, espe­cially when you’re film­ing every day. Every­one knows what you’re doing. And you can’t go to par­ties because you need to wake up at 4am. I think things become more com­pli­cated when you’re not film­ing. But the next time I won’t be work­ing will be in a year. It will take a while for rumors to affect me.

When do you start film­ing Break­ing Dawn?

I fin­ished Eclipse… (his agent stops the inter­view again and says that noth­ing is sched­uled. The movie still didn’t get the green light by the stu­dio. Rob looks at him sur­prised and says “but I’m telling everyone…”)

Were you sur­prised to see Taylor’s mus­cles when you first arrived at the set?

He was dif­fer­ent! I should go to the gym.

If there was a fight between Edward and Jacob, who would win?

Edward would win. At least, accord­ing to what I read on the book

What movies have you com­mit­ted to in 2010?

I’m doing a movie called Bel Ami in Feb­ru­ary, which is an adap­ta­tion of a Guy de Mau­pas­sant novel. And, I hope I’m doing a West­ern with Rachel Weisz and Hugh Jack­man, called Unbound Cap­tives, some­time around there as well.

Those char­ac­ters are very from Edward Cullen… Do you and Edward have some­thing in com­mon?

We are both stub­born and pos­ses­sive of some things

In the mag­a­zine they say his answer to the BD ques­tion was “I’m film­ing Eclipse…”. I think that was a mis­take, that’s why I took the lib­erty of cor­rect­ing it.

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