December 12, 2009

Summit drops charges against woman caught taping "New Moon"

Looks like Chris Weitz was able to defend the woman who was reportedly caught video taping "New Moon" because Summit dropped the charges against her.

As you probably know, the charges against 22-year-old Samanth Tumpach have been dropped for illegally videotaping “New Moon” at the Muvico Theater in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont.

She was charged with a felony, and could have faced up to three years behind bars.

Tumpach admitted that two snippets of film were caught on her camera, but said she wasn’t intentionally recording “New Moon.” Instead, she was filming her sister’s birthday.

Even director Chris Weitz was in her corner. He told the Chicago Sun-Times, “There is, needless to say, a difference between trying to protect copyright of a film and making an unfair example of someone who clearly seems not to have any intentions towards video piracy.”

Well now Summit has weighed in, too, and released the following statement:

“In regards to the situation with Samantha Tumpach, we applaud Muvico for upholding the zero tolerance policy on piracy when the incident occurred at their theater in Rosemont, IL. The pirating of films is a very serious issue and we all need to remain vigilant to protect the art of film and the myriad of businesses that the film industry supports. We believe that the attention that this incident has drawn, has served as a reminder to us all that any form of film piracy, or perceived piracy, will be treated with the utmost seriousness. Summit is pleased that all charges against Ms. Tumpach have been dropped and appreciate the efforts of the police and the prosecutors in this outcome.”

Source: GossipCop


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