March 05, 2009

Tina Fey: Robert Pattinson is a 'Sexy Devil'

I already posted a the video interview of Tina Fey calling Rob Pattinson a "Sexy Devil." This article is from The Insider reporting what Tina said about Rob. If you haven't seen the video click HERE.
Tina Fey joined her former "Saturday Night Live" costar Jimmy Fallon on "Late Night" to reminiscence on her time at the Oscars, their memories of "SNL" and Robert Pattinson.

Tina and Jimmy laughed over a picture of her sitting two rows behind Mickey Rourke at the Oscars and her attempt to get into the shot -- she then asked about the gentleman sitting next to Rourke in the picture, 'Twilight''s Robert Pattinson. "Is that the devil? Who's the other guy?" Tina asks about the young actor. "That's the 'Twilight' dude," Jimmy responds.

"Sexy devil," Tina calls Pattinson.

Later in the show, the two looked back on their different hair styles on "SNL" and Tina once again brought up the 'Twilight' actor when she compared their haircuts. "That's 'Dracula.' That's Robert Pattinson," she says of her old hairdo.
Source: TheInsider


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